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    Do Not Tell The Funeral Home About Purchasing Our Casket Before You Get Their Itemized Funeral Price List. Call Us Before Talking to ANY Funeral Home, Because Everything You Tell the Funeral Home Affects Your Funeral Pricing. We will tell you what to say.

    It Is Federal Law:
    Funeral Homes MUST receive our caskets and NOT charge you any extra fees! This cuts your funeral cost by up to 80%. We supply funeral homes and we also sell directly to you! Same Price. Buy Direct.
   18 Gauge Steel

   20 Ga. No Seal - 1

   20 ga. No Seal - 2

   20 ga. No Seal - 3

   20 ga. No Seal - 4

   20 Ga. Sealed

   20 ga Brushed

   Wood Veneer

   Solid Poplar

   Solid Oak

   Solid Ash and Walnut

   Cedar and Pine

   Solid Cherry

   Solid Mahogany

   Solid Black Walnut

   Orthodox / Jewish

   Cremation Caskets

   Stainless Steel

   Bronze / Copper

   Military Caskets